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Sun Room Project:
This project was made with left over materials saved for years. I made the Aluminum clad windows, skylight from panes of glass 2" lumber and aluminum coil stock. That has to be the largest skylight I have ever built. The cupola has a ventilation system that is temperature controlled. The interior is tounge and grooved cedar. Notice the cantilever of the deck, and floor! Total of 7' unsupported! I also built a cantilevered catwalk on both sides to clean the large windows. This project was a challenge but yet fun to accomplish!  Frank Lloyd Wright would have been proud of me!
Note: The railing is only temporary it will be finished with glass panels when all done that I am crafting them!
  Welcome to Hunny Do Services!
  We are a local Company offering Home repair and Remodeling Services. With over 35 years of experience. We can help you with almost    any of your projects. No job is too big or too small! Free Estimates upon request!

  Services We offer but are not limited to:
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical Repair
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Window Installation and Repair
  • Door Installation and Repair
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Roofing Installation and Repair
  • Metal Roofing
  • Siding Installation and Repair
  • Soffit and Fascia
  • Painting Interior and Exterior
  • Home Maintenance
  • Cleaning (we use non toxic cleaners)
  • Gutters Installation, Repair, and Cleaning
  • Tiling Installation and Repair
  • Laminate and Hardwood Flooring Installation and Repair
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing
  • Drywall Installation, Repair, 
  • Deck Building,Repair & Refinishing
  • Fence Repair and Installation
  • Skylight installation and Repair
  • Mobile Home Repair
  If there is anything not listed above please ask!

Other Projects
Custom Cedar Fence 
This home owner wanted a new privacy fence due to to the rock conditions I cemented all the posts in. To make them last I used select treated lumber and wrapped the bottom of the posts with ice and water guard then stained all the treated prior to installing the dog eared cedar pickets.This fence features 2 gates a 3' walk gate and a double 8' vehicle gate. A little more than 300'

This customer purchased a used wood stove and for insurance purposes needed it professionally installed. I had to make some parts to insure a safe installation.
This customer had water Damage to a couple of their apartments. They wanted a low maintenance flooring. I suggested a tile for the wet areas and  good quality Laminate flooring for the Bedrooms and Living rooms. Here are just a few pictures one of the units which I was able to finish in less than a week. It sure turned out nice don't you think! 
Lower unit in the same building different color tile and laminate. I angled the tile and laminate so you could walk in on tile. 
This  Customer purchased their shingles on Craigslist! I also put in a skylight! Sure turned out nice!
Here is a Deck that I restored their old treated lumber was in rough shape. I reinforced the joists, rebuilt a wider stairs, used Azek decking with Azek Railing system. Notice no visible fasteners with Azek's Coretex fastening system.
This customer had an older deck with cedar decking and railings that were in rough shape! I replaced them with Azek decking and Solutions aluminum railing! This will truly last a lifetime now!
Here is yet another deck. The customer had torn down his old one before I got there. He wanted a wrap around deck that was 27' x 18. He also wanted a high enough beam to walk under. Look at that stair rail now that's a  long run. The owner helped me a lot on this deck, it sure was fun! 
Here is an older cedar deck that needed some attention. I had to replace several Rail posts one support posts and a few hundred feet of decking. I then filled all knot holes and large cracks and gouges, pressure washed it and then gave it a coat of good quality stain!
It sure turned out nice looks like new, with out that lumpy look from those deck restorers you can buy!
This customer hired me to finish a project she started. I had to Scrape off all the tar paper off the floor, mortar down cement board, and tile floor. The tub surround had sheet rock on it, so I had to remove that install cement board,tape and finish it, waterproof it and then tile it! Sure turned out nice! 
This customer had some old primed windows that were past the point of repair. I installed Jeldwed custom windows with a brick mold exterior profile to match the old exterior opening in the siding and made a wood return on the inside. I also replaced an old cedar brick ledge with a tuff board it is a solid vinyl material that will truly last a life time!
This customer wanted a new window above their bath tub. I Installed an Alliance Awning unit in her Aluminum siding. I installed a vinyl return with vinyl casing on the inside! 
This was an old treated deck with some bad boards and some severely weather checked. And lattice that saw its better days! The lattice had no bottom support and was in bad shape. The bench frames were falling apart the truss plates were falling off the frames were in pieces. I pressure washed the old deck to remove the stain.
I replaced the bad boards and lattice. I had to shim under the new deck boards to flush up to the other deck rebuilt the deck. I rebuilt the old frames with some long screws and screwed back on the loose truss plates. I Then installed new heavy duty lattice with a treated 2x4 frame at the bottom. I filled the bad cracks and gouges with a mixture of Durhams wood putty and deck stain and sanded. Then I gave the deck two coats of stain! Sure turned out nice.
Here is a home that had some drywall issues. The joint tape was letting go. The customer hired me to repair the drywall and paint this great room. It sure turned out nice. It was over 25' to the peak of the ceiling. A lot of ladder work!
Here is a Hand scraped Birch floor. This is a floating floor installed over a very good quality underlayment!  Beautiful floor!
This customer purchased the tile and were not sure how to do it all. I did it in less than 2 days with the Bath rooms. 

Hickory is the theme oft this job!
Hickory Floors! 
Hickory Cabinets!
Hickory Doors!
Hickory Trim!
Custom Hickory 
Book Shelf! 
This one was a lot of fun! 

Here is a cobble stone Patio I finished for one of my best customers. They asked for an out door kitchen built around their grill. 30 yards of fill and a lot of stone. Sure turned out nice. I even put LED lights under the top. I have to get a night picture! 
This customer was having a trouble selling her house. I redid her deck and before I was done she accepted an offer on her house. I can see why! It sure turned out nice. 
Here is a Standing seam Metal roof I just completed with the Home Owner. We also replaced 4 skylights. It sure turned out nice an will truly last a life time. 
New Vinyl can upgrade any Duplex,I also repaired the crumpling foundation.